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 Vi pitate

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PostSubject: Vi pitate   Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:47 am

PART 1(1:28-2:25)I: I was waiting on your guests for three weeks...

M:We were in America four weeks.I didn´t recover yet,I woke up recently.I don´t sleep at night,I lie down 10:30am and sleep until 8pm

I:So,was it like that when you were in America?

M:No,it was hard but I get used to it,I wanted to see all..

I:What did you see? What´s America like?

M:I don´t know...we visited towns on east and west coast and I felt a spirit of America...It`s like I always imagine food and stuff.. Smile

PART2(2:25-3:47)I: Are there many fat unhealthy people?

M:We all put on weight eating in Burger King

I:Don´t bear a grudge but I admeasured you and I can´t see you put on weight

M:You can´t see it,it´s ilusion :)Maybe I was too skinny before,hope people recognize me.

I:Of course:You try to be different and specified and you are recognized on your fist showing on tv,are you aware of that?

M:I am.I think every public person have to be different from ordinary people and have to earn atention. I´m surprised because only in our country the worst people are the most loved Smile

PART3(3:47-5:00)I:But you are an example of opposite.

M:I´m trying

I:Who are your fans?

M:Mostly young people. I have strong fanclub,they are numerous, loyal and they are my biggest treasure.They stimulate me to fight and believe in what I am doing.

I:Are they mostly male or female?

M:Female, of course. I think they are all female, maybe some self confidence male...
Those men who are not happy about my female fans don´t like me at all.I think I would have the same opinion on their places.

PART4(5:00-6:20)I:Do they talk against you?

M:I don´t care about it,cause my psychologist Marija explained me.It´s hard cause we came to Zvezde Granda from street and people think they know us.You have to smile to every granny in street even she said "Child you must cut your hair,you´ll get blind"(laugh)I´d like to change my hairstyle but don´t know how will i feel.

(cred ca lipseste o parte) Very Happy

PART6 (6:20-8:20)I:How do people react when they met you on the street?

M:Few days ago I was shopping clothes and some old man said to me"Blue toupee"

I:Did you feel good?

M:Yes,but I don´t feel good when stranger people ask me about Rada like we know each other for ages

I:Let´s hear the question!

Q:What gets you nervous?

M:Human nonsense.There are many people doing or saying stupid things...(laugh)


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PostSubject: Re: Vi pitate   Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:49 am

nu pot sa nu observ din nou cat e de dragut I love you I love you I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Vi pitate   Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:21 am

PART1(0:04-1:14)I:You mentioned female fans.They used throwing their underwear and toys on concerts of big music stars and seducers.What do they throw to you?
M:Few times I got underwear,but usually I get teddy bears which I´m going to give to children who need it.I hope my fans won´t get angry,if they will I will know that through forum.
I:You say underwear,is it top or bottom piece?
M:Two top pieces.
I:Did you saved them?
M:I took them from the stage,I think they are with other presents..

PART2(1:15-3:15)I:Are they pretty?
M:One is white and another pink with lace.
I:Do you like lace?
M:I like it,but I´m not for overdoing.
Question:What song do you like the most and can you sing it?
M:People always see me smiling,and they listen my fast songs,but I listen ballads and I´m oriented on abroad music scene.From our singers I like Dino Merlin´s "Da je tuga snijeg".It´s going like this(singing)
I:And Dino´s new song?
M:"Deset mlađa" ? (singing)

PART3(3:15-4:23)I:Who do you like except D.Merlin?Which song would you like to adopt?
M:All our biggest music stars,Zdravko Čolić...Many of songs from Z.Čolić or "Zadržat ću pravo"from Ceca.They are ballads in which I´m finding myself.
I:Do you make difference between male and female songs?
M:I love and sing them the same,but it´s popular to sing a female song.
I:Can you sing the one female song?
M:I must sing again?Which is on your mind,I can´t remember any...

PART4(4:24-6:24)I:"Perice Moja Merice",you don´t like Brena?
M:I do,but I like her "Ti si moj greh"(singing).I was singing it to nurses in hospital once when I was little.
I:Who is your idol from abroad?
M:I don´t have any,but I admire M.Jackson,Madonna,J.Timberlake­,B.Spears, C.Aguilera,C.David.
I:Can you sing something from Justin?
I:Is it enough to you to be a teen-star?
M:If I wanted that I would appear on Zvezde Granda and that would be my maximum,but I´m still working

PART5(6:24-8:17)I:How do you see yourself for five years?Will you have the same hairstyle?
M:No,I´m looking for enough creative person to help me with my style.And I´ll have my fans because we´ll grow up together.I don´t think I´m singer yet,because I still don´t have cd,but I´m working on it.
Question:Which powder do you use,I like it?
I:You are so tidy,and here we call it metrosexual...
M:Whatever do you call it,every public person have to be pretty....
PART6 M: ... If someone admire dishevelled and dirty person,it´s his problem. Neither of my idols isn´t like that and they are all with makeup on.So dear audience,we all have to pass throw makeup room and we all put on powder before we stand on stage or appear on tv. I don´t have my own powder but I have good beautician so they make me pretty and as a public person I have to look like this.

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Mesaje : 361
Data de inscriere : 2010-08-09
Localizare : Romania

PostSubject: Re: Vi pitate   Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:05 am


I: Without suspicion, you look great. I'm just interested...You put on your make-up only when you're on TV?

Milan: Yes, of course.

I: Privately you don't cover your imperfections?

Milan: No, I don't need to put on make up when I'm home..

I: And what about when you go out in the evening? when we have some photo shooting and that's it.

I: Not even concealer?

Milan: No, not even concealer..I said that I don't put on the make-up.


I: Fine, I ask because I usually don't put my make-up but when they ask me I say that I sometimes have to put on concealer, lip gloss and flush..

Milan: My make-up is very visible because I have problematic skin and I need to have more make-up than those who don't have problematic face..

I: So that's the reason you need to have little more powder?

Milan: Not little more, much more.. That's the only difference.

I: You don't have your own powder?

Milan: No, I don't.


I: Powder is the only thing you use?

Milan: (laugh) What else I need to use? Do I need to curl my lashes?

I: I ask because..Why are you lauhing? We are talking absolutely open. You know that people think that you put much make-up? What you say to them?

Milan: Yes, of course, because it's necessary..

I: And you will put on make-up as long as it will be necessary?


Milan: Yes, of course, when I'll have shiny skin I'll come here and they will take that dry thing and put it on my face..I will be happy..and maybe they'll be happy too.. So, I send greetings to my beautician Dragica. We'll work on it.

I: And, about that metrosexual cosmetics. Metrosexuals, except they maintain personal hygiene, are men who have their seasonal favourite parfum, their hand cream, their cream for day and night, better hairdo than 50% women..


Milan: I have that, I have favourite parfum and I have parisian cosmetics which is prepared by my beautican specially for problematic skin.

I: Let's say which parfum is your favourite?

Milan: It's not very known, Rocha.. i found it when I travel abroad.

I: For all of you who want to smell like Milan..

Milan: It can be Ultra Red too..

I: Okay, and can you give some trick for all men who want take care about their look.. What do you use in these cold days, for your hands..?


Milan: you can see I even have some paronychia, I'm really rusty..

I: (laugh) Shame on you.. And, Labello..?

Milan: Yes, especially when you kiss, you can't go so scabby..

I: And how far would you go with depilation?

Milan: No, I don't depilate myself.

I: Eyebrows?

Milan: What? I update my eyebrows.

I: You twitch them? You know that Željko Samardžić admitted that he twitches eyebrows because that opens his eye..So do you?


Milan: Yes, but not me, my beautician does. Whenever I come, she arranges things which are rusty.

I: And we recommend to everybody to take care abaut theitr look in the same way.

Milan: Well, I think that that's our obligation.. We must live in this time, not in the past.

I: Does it hurt when you twitch them? It hurts me..

Milan: Of course it does, but what can I do..

I: Is that your natural hair color?

Milan: No, of course..


I: So, You have highlights, you dye your hair? Who does it for you?

Milan: My hairdresser Igor, he's already known among celebrities. This hairdo is his idea.. I mean, I had this hairdo before 'Zvezde granda' but it's more effective with this highlights. When you appear on 'Zvezde granda' you need to look different, modern..

I: Did you use foils or..?

Milan: Yes, with foils..

I: How does it looks like..I mean I know how it looks like but..

Milan: You mean how do I look like with foil on my head? Great..

I: Were that you first highlights? Was it unusuly for you?

Milan: Yes..first time I came to 'Zvezde granda' wearing a cap because I didn't know how will people react.. And after that I got used to it and now I let people say whatever they want..I like it.


Question for Milan: Who is your ideal?

Milan: We already answered that question. When we talk about male singers, that are Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Michael Jackson because he is..

I: What is your favourite song from Michael Jackson?

Milan: What is my favourite, I can't remember...(he sings "They don't care about us")

I: Okay, and what fascinates you about him?


Milan: That is a maximum of showbusiness, he is not some quasi singer, that is spectacle, every his appearance, every his concert, the whole his story, millions of fans who scream when he moves his can see those tapes on Youtube.. He stands for 5 minutes and thay scream just because he stands, he moves his head, they keep screaming. Something spectacular is happening around that man and that is the true recipe.

I: If you were 15 years younger, would you visit Neverland?


Milan: If I were...Ouugh, no, no..I respect him as an artist and that what he's doing..I can't say is that true..I know he has been on court..

I: Michael Jackon is the whole package in showbusiness but he's also a controversial person. Can you locate yourself in this whole story, where is your limit? Would you change your look so drastically because of  showbusiness?


Milan: I don't know was he doing that because he wanted to get some attention..i mean that's not negative.. But in business, he's the whole story. Justin Timberlake is the whole story too.

I: Do you copy someone a little bit? Do you watch some videos, for example Justin..?

Milan: Yes, I do. Unfortunately, in Serbia we don't have so good choreographers who can copy that moves.

I: But you don't copy anybody?

Milan: You see that I don't.

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PostSubject: Re: Vi pitate   Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:48 am

asculta balade mine :X:X:X ...ce ma bucur ..... daca ma gandesc bine ne potivim la multe lucruri I love you ....bine fetele acum sa nu va ganditi ca ma cred eu cine stie ce Smile)) doar ca nah....toate visam ....oricum el este adorabil .....chiar imi place emisiunea am aflat mai multe chestii despre el
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PostSubject: Re: Vi pitate   

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Vi pitate
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