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PostSubject: Funny   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:13 am

Un video foarte si traducere in engleza: Very Happy Enjoy
Interviewer = I
Milan = M

I: Hello and good day. How are you boy?
M: Alright.
I: Wait, let me first ask you this. How is it that your hair stands up like that? Is it permanent?
M: It stands up like that because I am young.
I: Yeah, look at my hair, it doesn’t stand up at all!
M: It just hangs like that...
I: I have done everything to style my hair and went to a professional hairdresser and still nothing.
M: Have you tried gel?
I: No, I haven’t...
M: I will check your hair for you...
I: No, no , no – don’t get up, stay there. Another tried to touch my hair and I also said no.
M: Okay, okay!
I: We will talk about my hair later and how I can make my hair as strong as yours. It’s more interesting to talk about your problems openly...
M: You want me to talk at this time now?
I: Right now.
M: I thought it would take a longer time to sort itself out.
I: Go on...
M: But, I don’t know what to say
I: Just try and we will listen. Don’t touch your hair – don’t mess it up!
M: I’m alone.
I: Alone? I don’t know what to say. When did this start?
M: About October last year and I thought it would sort itself out...
I: And what, you just turned around and noticed that no one was around?
M: I just turned around and noticed I was alone. Everyone has started to bother me and try to impress me and they tease me about my problems...
I: Teasing you?
M: Teasing me.
I: And they immediately tease you and make jokes. It’s because of your hair and how it stands up! I’m just asking. That’s what I think.
M: I think it is about me being alone...
I: So if you found someone your hair would just fall back down??
M: If the weather is bad, my hair will fall down slowly
I: So now your hair is up and when the season changes it will be sitting forward then – you know? What I’m saying is not bad! It’s better to have your hair forward then flopping down. That’s the worst thing. So, you say you are alone?
M: Yes
I: Well, I don’t know how to help you.
M: I came to you just to say that I thought the problem would just sort itself out
I: Maybe what you need to do is to record your album...
M: I have!
I: ...and don’t call it alone!
M: Well, it didn’t help. I did call it alone.
I: But why did you call it alone!? Come on – go outside. This is your fault – you called your album alone and now you are alone. Go outside! And you ask me for help … Go outside.
M: But you’re trained to help me!
I: I won’t charge you – go outside.
M: Alright, alright.
I: Go outside alone.
M: Okay! Good that I don’t have to pay.
I: The truth you don’t pay me! Strange...


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PostSubject: Strava emisija   Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:15 am

Mi s-a parut amuzant si cand nu intelegeam ce vorbesc ei acolo...apoi acuma cu ajutorul traducerii tale ...merci mult
Si pe acesta l-am vazut cu ceva timp in urma,dar atunci nu aveam traducerea toata ... a tradus cineva intr-un comentariu finalul ,dar altfel fine ... I love his laugh Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Funny   Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:10 pm eu l`am gasit pe youtube mai de mult...
Cu traducerea asta mi se pare mult mai amuzant Smile)...
Doctoru ala chiar avea ceva cu paru lui Suspect Smile)
Merci mult pentru traducere :d
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PostSubject: Re: Funny   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:50 am

~> Si eu am vazut video`ul de mai mult timp
~> Si nu intelegeam ce vorbeau confused
~> Dar acum cu ajutorul tau Elena pot spune ca acest video e superb I love you
~> Multumim pentru traducere Cool
~> Esti THE BEST Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Funny   

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